First Time Patient


At JL Eye Specialists, we aim to provide personalized and comprehensive care of your eye conditions from your first visit.

As a first-time patient, it will be useful to bring along your past eye investigation results and medical reports if any. Please also bring along the pair of spectacles that you usually use.

For the first visit, a dilated eye examination may be required. The eye drops used to dilate your pupils may lead to blurring of near vision as well as some light sensitivity. These effects may last from half a day to a day. It is best to bring along sunglasses and if you drive, it is recommended to have alternative transport arrangements.

If you know what eye problem you already have or if you have any queries regarding your first visit, please contact us at 6258-8966.

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We understand that each patient comes with their unique concerns. We customize our approach to ensure that we provide each patient with the appropriate treatment to address their needs.